My Chrysler 300 Banner


I had made a banner in class using Photoshop. First I opened a new file and set the size of canvas i wanted to use, and made sure it was set to pixels. I used the same steps as the ones I used to make my name plate, the only difference was that this one has a picture in it. To get the picture I had to find a picture on the web that I liked and saved it to the computer. Then I gone to the menu button and clicked Flie option and the Place option and choose the picture I wanted to use. I used the Chrysler 300 picture because i live them very much!


My nameplate

My nameplate

Today I learned how to make a nameplate in class, this is how I did it:
First I opened Photoshop and started a new file, I made the canvas at least at least 400 pixels wide and 200 pixels high. Also, I made sure that its set to pixels, not inches. Then I had picked a color from the color option square, then I choose the rectangle button and made my rectangle. After I made the background of my nameplate I selected a new layer and choose the text button for set my name. I picked the font, size, alignment and color for my name. After I had done that I played with the filters to make my nameplate look different. And this is what i ended up with 🙂


Chrysler 300C, 1 May 2006, wikispace user: Stefan-Xp

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Lilium ‘Black Beauty’, 2 August 2007, wikispace user: KENPEI

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Making sure the subwoofer and plate amp work before installation.

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Downloading Public Domain Pictures

Using Art on the Web


It’s most likely if you have a computer, your computer has been equipped with some sort of photo/graphics editing software. People that take their photos a step further will go and buy a professional photo/graphics editing software program to use for editing and enhancing their photos.

  • Some places that you can find a photo editor program would be, online, you could buy a photo editing program from the store and most computers already come equipped with some sort of photo editing software.
  • Vector is a type of graphic. Vector graphics define lines and shapes as actual objects. If you draw a line, a vector graphics program will know the beginning and the end of that line. If you draw a circle, the program will know the center of that circle and how large the radius is.
  • Bitmapped programs don’t know anything about lines and circles. Bitmapped programs think of an image as a grid of bits. Each bit is mapped to a specific location on the grid and the image will consist of a bunch of mapped bits (it looks like tiny coloured in squares on a graph paper). This image is called a bitmapped image.
  • Drawing programs use vector graphics. When you see any program that uses words like ‘draw’ and ‘drawing’ then you will know immediately that you are using a vector graphics program, like, abode illustrator.
  • Bitmapped graphics programs are also called paint programs. When you see the word ‘paint’ then you know you are using a paint program, such as, Microsoft paint.
  • To make a line on a painting you would have to fill in every little square (bit) on a grid until you have finished the line you are making. If you wanted to make a circle using a paint program you would then have to do the same thing as if you were making a line, except in the shape as a circle. When you are finished and you can then zoom out on your picture, the picture will resemble a circle.
  • To make a logo you will have to use a program like abode illustrator, because it can define lines and circle as actual shapes, and the lines are more smoothed out.
  • The most common reason for rotating a picture is because the person took the picture in a vertical format.
  • 3 reasons for cropping a photo is:

1)       There is some sort of distracting element on the left, right, top or bottom of the photo.

2)       If you want to close in on the subject of the photo.

3)       You can also crop photos to make the photo more interesting.


I watched this documentary called Catfish in my computer class. At first I thought it was going to be about fish, and thought that was a rather odd movie for our computer teacher to show us during a web design class. It turns out the movie wasn’t about fish, not at all. It was about a woman who used her daughter to build a relationship with a man across the country. It was rather confusing to be honest, not to watch it but to try and explain it. The woman had pretended to be three different people, herself and 2 of her daughters. The man loved art and she had told him that she was a little girl (her youngest daughter) and she was a painter, that’s how their relationship started. Somehow during all of this the little girl’s older sister had come into the picture and the man and now older sister had formed a relationship. Well throughout the documentary the man becomes suspicious, so he and his buddies decide to go and see this little artist girl and the sister that he has a phone/texting relationship with. When he gets there he discovers that this whole story was made up by the mom, who is married! (And I thought I had issues). Anyways, after watching this movie I thought to myself, sheesh, I’m glad I don’t really do that whole getting-to-know-people-over-the-internet business! I, myself, don’t really talk or randomly meet people online and this movie is a perfect example as to why. STRANGER DANGER.

If that were me, I think I would get kind of mad, wouldn’t you? I mean the guy in the documentary took it rather well. I sure would have not. But then again he was kind of lucky that that’s all he walked into, he could have walked into the House of a 1000 Corpses scene.  But that’s just my opinion.

After watching this documentary I looked online to find some other stories that were similar to this one. I had found an article about a 67 year old woman from Wagin, south of Perth, and a 28 year old man who lived in Nigeria. The woman had been talking with a man for a little over 4 years and over the course of their relationship she had given the man over $100,000, according to the article she had even sent the man $20,000 just before she had left to go see this man. She had planned a trip for her and the man to meet halfway since they lived so far from each other; she had to pay the man’s half of the trip as well as her own.  She had gone to meet this man, against her families wished and when she was found all of her belongings were missing, her money, credit cards, laptop and jewellery. It is unclear as to who did this and at the time the police were still investigating. I think it was her fellow friend to be honest! That kind of stuff happens daily and there are millions upon millions of people in this world, I’m sure a nice chunk of them are a little messed up.